magyar szak

Partium Christian University launched the Hungarian Language and Literature BA programme in the 2010/2011 academic year. The programme acquired the licences necessary for operation, therefore, students can take their final exams in Oradea, and they can also acquire their state-recognised degrees here, too.

We provide education of the highest standards for our students: courses and tutoring is offered by professional, nationally and internationally acclaimed experts and renowned Hungarian guest lecturers, while professional advancement is also facilitated by a dynamic department, as well as by the many foreign scholarship opportunities and a rich, constantly expanding library.

High-standard education is granted by a group of qualified instructors and researchers: 90% of the teachers are in possession of a PhD, and 45% are associate professors or professors. 90% of the lectures in Hungarian literary history and Hungarian linguistics are held by qualified instructors with a PhD.

What can you study with us?

The Hungarian Language and Literature department of the Partium Christian University has a dual mission: besides a classic education in the humanities and teacher training, it also considers present-day demands of the labour market, developing and transmitting knowledge and skills which prepare students of the programme for a career in a host of different institutions, in the media, in business or in administration. This is in accord with the European trends followed in the curriculum of similar Hungarian programmes, too.

Career opportunities

A proper, clear and eloquent style is a fundamental requirement for successful communication in all areas of society and commerce. Therefore, students with a BA in Hungarian Language and Literature are prepared for employment in a wide range of roles where there is a demand for superior expertise in general literacy and literary and linguistic culture.

The graduates of this programme acquire sophisticated linguistic skills, a wide reading in literature, and a generally open mind-set, which is a solid foundation for a career in media, in HR, PR, communication, and other departments of corporations. Those opting for a classic humanities career can build on a strong body of knowledge towards master programmes (on PCU as well) or in doctoral programmes. With their acquired knowledge, out students can find employment typically in the following fields:

1. education: teacher of language and literature

2. economy: corporate positions at Hungarian or international companies, PR and marketing positions

3. tourism: editor of flyers and brochures, programme organiser, linguistic mediator at travel agencies, tourist guide

4. European Union and  other international organisations: tender representative, secretary work, assistant work

5. media (electronic media, printed and electronic press): press reviewer, linguistic, editorial and organisational work in book and newspaper publishing, assistant work

6. administration and local governments: organisational tasks

7. other career opportunities in the humanities: employment by public collections/archives (libraries, museums), employment by ecclesiastical/civil organisations

Opportunities for further education

The three-year-long undergraduate programme fosters the way for students to pursue advanced studies on the MA level, which, besides providing an opportunity for mastering even more elaborate linguistic and literary skills, also opens the road towards a career in teaching.

At present, the Partium Christian University offers nine accredited or licencesd master programmes, out of which, the Multilingualism and multiculturalism programme is designed especially for the students of language and literature programmes. Various partnerships between the Partium Christian University and other universities provide opportunity for the best students to continue their studies in PhD programmes at well-known institutions